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Ty Walls Jun 18, 2018

Markdown is a great way to format text inline, without getting in your way. i.e. it’s not ugly and cumbersome like HTML tags, and your hands don’t have to leave the keyboard to access formatting toolbars like they might in a traditional text editor. Personally, markdown helps keep me “in the zone” when I’m writing. That’s why this site uses markdown for nearly all its formatting needs.

You can learn markdown in about 5 minutes. Here’s a cheatsheet to get you started!


Hi, I’m a link!

Ready to see an image?

This is the markdown icon

This is the markdown icon

Hi there, I’m a blockquote.

Look, some italics! So emphatic.

That’s a bold statement, to be sure!

Now for a bulleted list (Heading 2)

  • list item 1
  • another list item
  • and another list item

You have to draw the line somewhere:

And sometimes — you wouldn’t believe it — an em dash (This isn’t supported by all markdown processors.)

A fancy numbered list (Heading 3)

  1. Numbered list item
  2. Another numbered list item
  3. Yup, another numbered list item
  4. Note that I can use a “1.” for every list item, and it automatically numbers the list for me!

Can you spot the {inline code} surrounded by backticks?

What about the triple backtick code block below?

  They've got me surrounded!

What if we put some of this in a beautiful table?

Element Description
* lists; italics
`` inline code
etc… you get the idea


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